The Charities Committee consists of the Charities Officer (Lulu), the Outreach Treasurer (Conor McIvor), the outreach Publicity Officer (Becky Bracey) in addition to a team of assistants. At the start of the year the committee also puts out applications to find a few other members to help with the committee, you don’t need to have experience in charities to join the committee, so it is a great first chance to get involved in Castle. 

The Castle Charities Committee is responsible for fundraising through activities and events throughout the year. Each year the college chooses a charity to fundraise for, this year being ‘Olivia Inspires’, a charity very close to the hearts of students in Castle as it was set up in memory of Olivia Burt who tragically passed away. Olivia Inspires aims to help children and young people aged 11 to 18 years, whose families live in the New Forest District Council area and who are facing financial hardship.


We also want to support Alexandra's Awareness Campaign, again set up in memory of a Castle student, Alexandra Wilshaw which aims to help promote awareness of anxiety, depression and the risk of suicide, and better ways to cope with these issues. This year we will also be doing one-off events to raise money for various charities, for example we will be doing a pink formal to raise money for breast cancer.

If you would be interested in helping with Charity events, or if you have charities to nominate for one-of events, please do get in touch with the Charities Officer


" This is our chance to truly narrow the gap between Town and Gown, and genuinely once and for all put Durham Castle back in the heart of its community. "

Simon Gallow       

Founder of Castle Community Action

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