Community Days

The Community Days division within CCA aims to engage with the local community, allowing nearby residents to enjoy our college's resources and access the Castle. We run termly events, as opposed to the weekly activities of most other divisions meaning that even if you don’t have time for a regular commitment, it is a fantastic way to get involved in college, and it is extremely rewarding!

Events usually take place at Christmas, Easter and during the Summer term, and are often themed. For instance, last year we had a Christmas themed event, where children could partake in arts and crafts activities, go on treasure hunts and have student-led tours of the Castle. We have plans for 3 events this year, and would love to get as many enthusiastic volunteers as possible!

If you are interested in hearing more about our Community Days division get in touch with the Head of Community Days Division


" This is our chance to truly narrow the gap between Town and Gown, and genuinely once and for all put Durham Castle back in the heart of its community. "

Simon Gallow       

Founder of Castle Community Action

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