Primary Education

The Primary Education Division offers a great opportunity to get out of the Durham bubble for an hour or so a week. A group of Castle students will go out to a local primary school to teach children Latin, read with them, or take an after-school activity called ‘Bright Sparks’, which focuses on stretching them beyond their normal curriculum.

We will all travel together, and all expenses will be paid by college. The time we spend with the children not only means a lot to the school but is also great fun and provides an opportunity to get to know a different group of people within college. Anyone is welcome, no past experience needed! I’ll be organising some socials early on, as well as the DBS sessions (to get anyone interested security checked). Can’t wait to meet you all!

If you are interested in hearing more about our Primary Education Division get in touch with the Head of Primary Education Division

Primary Education

" This is our chance to truly narrow the gap between Town and Gown, and genuinely once and for all put Durham Castle back in the heart of its community. "

Simon Gallow       

Founder of Castle Community Action

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